Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The al-Jazeera Memo: New FOIA request as reported on Newsnight

The al-Jazeera Memo: New FOIA request as reported on Newsnight

BBC Newsnight are reporting a new Freedom of Information Request concerning the memo detailing the plan to bomb al-Jazeera. This request is being filed by al-Jazeera on behalf of two British Citizens living in Doha, based on the fact that they could have been killed had the attack taken place. The point behind this, according to Newsnight, is that under British Law, "the duty to disclose any possible crime would override any duty of confidence to an ally." They also discuss the previous FOIA request, and make the point that the denial of that request officially confirms the existence and subject of the al-Jazeera memo. Something the mainstream media and deadwood press have resolutely ignored to date... -------------- Thank you for your email of 24 November in which you request a copy of any memos or notes that record President Bush's discussions with the Prime Minister about the bombing of the al-Jazeera television station in Qatar. Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I can confirm that the cabinet Office holds information which is relevant to your request -------------- More detail, including an audio grab of the newsnight segment and a transcript can be found here: http://www.blairwatch.co.uk/node/783 Details of the first FOIA request and it's implications are here: http://www.blairwatch.co.uk/node/701 With one week to go before the trial of Keogh and O'Connor, the two men being charged under the Official Secrets Act for leaking the document in the first place, the more we can shout about this, the better. Cheers Dan [ringverse] -- www.blairwatch.co.uk


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